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Our selves


  • You probably have heard already people advising you to ‘listen to your heart” (…like the song says…) as to say, let the logical and reasonable answer aside and follow your heart’s choice…
  • Some of you have even heard mumbles about « your ego », about shutting-it down more often…
  • Never heart about your inner child? Very famous topic! Tons of free mediations exist online, (and expansive programs, too) to take a better care or our inner-child…
  • I’m positive, as a child you must have seen the angel and the demon on the shoulders of cartoon characters… each giving their own opinion over the matter in hand…

Those are usual sayings, customs… What do all of those examples have in common? 


I’m not blabbing you about schizophrenia, nor any of the strange person walking alone in the street talking loudly to themselves… I’m talking about you with all your sanity. (and even you, who dare silently thinking that you must be special, weird, not “so normal!”)

It is merely an observation, a natural habit, being that, there, in a particular situation, it’s only ‘a part of you’ who think that, would do this… Only a part of you! Implying, some other parts would react another way!

  • I don’t feel like answering you. I don’t care, it annoys me. When does it stop? aww…Come on! Soon, I’ll be on a break, let’s do something awesome!
  • I want to call her, talk to her…
  • But I might disturb her, annoy her, maybe she doesn’t feel like talking to me…


  • I want one !!
  • Yeah, but I also want that other thing, I need it more…

EIt could be an inner conflict… It could simply be yourself, thinking… with yourself. A small conversation, to set up a reflection on an important topic, to get yourself on the same page with all your thoughts on the matter, weigh the pros and cons, be sure not to forget any detail, analyzing it, making up your mind about it… it’s all inside you, and it’s always “you”

Those speeches are completely naturals! SO naturals that we assimilate them to our thoughts. Actually, WE are really thinking! In our mind, information is coming in and we translate the data into thoughts, and all thoughts arrived with the same “voice” in our mind. The inner voices which do bring information before we translate them into thoughts aren’t usually dissociated much by our society… Hence we aren’t used to do so either. But they do come from different senders. Each sender being different parts of yourself. Each part exists, thinks, lives, have an identity, a personality and a past. 

The animation movie “Inside Out” states nicely (but simply) those inner dialogues. It pictures all the exchanges that sanely prevail your mind, between you and yourself.




Before differentiating ourselves, our different parts, it is crucial to understand and take care of our principal part, the one incarnated in this body;

Our soul is what is called in divers coaching “OUR INNER CHILD”. He or she is the first soul incarnated in our body at birth (before birth). This soul is the owner of the body. Your body actually, and your soul. He or she IS you. Well, most of the time. Our inner child is driving our self approximatively 60% of the time.


First, “inner” because he/she is inside us, whatever the age of the body, (and also because he/she tends to hide his/herself… or, is it to differentiate your current children from your inner child?).

Second, “child”, because of his/her shape. He/she is you, from the start, as a kid. Also because each life is a temporary restart of a soul, whatever the age of the soul (even if you are “an old soul”)

To conclude, the last thing you need to understand right now (and the least explained elsewhere…) is that the purpose of our inner child is NOT to stay a child forever! But to grow up, evolve, overcome our locks, heal our injury, and thrive! But it requires to dig inside our problems consciously… (with our conscious, not only with medicine, which hide it away)
Note that we are our inner child, he/she is the one having motivation (or lacking) of doing things, if you are reluctant to do something, it’s your inner child who does the blockade. IT IS OUR UNCONSCIOUS 

Therefore, your inner child is the first to interact with Arniël in his healing cession. See here (article to be translated next). Without special care nor any help, he/she will rehearse our past, emotional trauma, anxiety and troubles from our childhood into our daily life… (to generally ends up incarnated our wounds into our physical body by getting cancer and other medical surprises, or simply all the “old-age diseases” …) For more info, see our Inner-child article, to be translated later.


[Recap] Your soul, broadly called “your inner child” is the main resident of your body, its legit owner and its main driver. Then, there are many other parts of you, other selves, other souls with whom you interact daily and whom incarnate themselves into your body without you noticing the difference.


Among ourselves/our parts, there is a very special one we call our Divine Self, our Superior self, our higher self. He/She is the one gathering the entireness of ourselves.
Picture a tree: the higher self is the trunk while all the other parts are branches. Each of us are connected to our higher self. Always.

Our higher self doesn’t decide for us. He/she is only guiding us… if we ask for guidance, and listen to it. 

Our Higher Self is the first born of our energetic/spiritual parents. Then, over time, he/she developed him/herself and wanted to experiment different version of him/herself. Wanted to be different, take different path. Our conscious evolve! The universe is constantly evolving, expanding, isn’t it? So are we. From our higher self, other selves were generated…

Our Higher Self is always the totality of all of our self, the gathering of all of our many parts, energy, consciousness. Our Higher Self is the higher version of ourselves possible.
First, our soul-inner-child purpose is to grow to become the soul-adult we intended to be.
Then, the same goal applies to all of us: to grow and evolve to become equal to our higher self, to shine everything we really are, and invite others to do so.











~ Chéanayah, Exploratrice de Vérités

~  Arniël, Divinité des vertus, Révélateur de Divinités infini

Notre Enfant Intérieur

Qui est-il réellement?